Our Customers

iEcon franchise retail concept is engineered to meet the demands of the modern lifestyle by presenting consumers with an organised and attractive shopping environment which has a wide range of household essentials and friendly personal service.

Located all over Singapore with most of our outlets in the heartlands, iEcon serves consumers who look for fast check-out, convenience as well as competitively-priced products.

iEcon works closely with its strategic partners and suppliers to drive down the cost of goods and services for its franchisees. This greatly enhances the purchasing and bargaining power of the individual outlets under the chain, and in turn, benefits consumers who get more value for money when they shop with iEcon.

Our customers also enjoy attractive offers which are jointly organised by iEcon and its suppliers on a regular basis. These serve to keep our customers coming back to our stores.

Our Franchisees

As an iEcon franchisee, you are on excellent grounds to reap the benefits of our established brand name, customer loyalty and proven business system.

Besides nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of store owners, the unique iEcon Franchise Model is able to keep franchisees’ operating costs low and pass these savings to consumers through various ways.

iEcon enjoys a wide distribution network and this allows us to purchase with greater economy of scale with benefits of price competitiveness. iEcon stores enjoy frequent supply chain service and bulk purchase discount which they can not access as a stand alone outlet.

Financially, iEcon extends preferential credit terms to franchisees to help them manage their cash flow. iEcon also manages franchisees’ credit risk by guaranteeing the payment of their purchase orders from suppliers.

Attractive consumer promotions and special advertised offers are organised regularly for the whole retail chain. Cooperative advertising, an arrangement by which the manufacturer refunds the retailer in part or in full for advertising expenditure, is one of many promotional activities that keeps customers coming back to iEcon for more.

iEcon is expanding its network of stores to better serve our customers.

Hear from our successful Franchisees!

"I have joined iEcon since 1986. Being an iEcon franchisee for decades, I feel that small retailers today face greater challenges in the market. As a franchise chain, iEcon allows the efficient centralisation of resources, manpower and financial capabilities. Together with efforts and contributions from both Franchisor and Franchise, the benefits of the franchise partnership can be fully developed for better business management in this competitive market."

Mr. Lee, iEcon Li Feng Yuan; Joined in 1986

"To me, iEcon chain is one big family regardless of race. I am proud and happy to be part of this big family although I am still a relatively new member.

I am very convinced that my initial decision to join iEcon is right. Working together with the Franchisor has turned my store’s business into a breeze, growing better and better everyday. Compared with last year, my business volume has doubled and I am very happy with the result. I will certainly consider opening a second store if the situation allows."

Mr. Ashogan, iEcon Om Sai, Joined in 2007

"As a result of partnering with an established franchise chain like iEcon, I have been able to enjoy and appreciate the benefits that come with the franchise. These benefits include providing one-stop comprehensive services such as marketing, promotions and advertisements, favourable payment terms, positive iEcon brand image, as well as the strong support shown through regular visits and other services provided by the franchisor. All these have helped reduce the problems we would have faced as an independent grocery retailer. Franchisees were also provided with an in-house point-of-sales cashiering system that brings greater convenience."

Mr. Tan, iEcon Top Choice, Joined in 1999

"Having just joined the iEcon franchise for 2 months, I have been able to open a second outlet. Besides assistance throughout the process of setting up the outlets, we were provided with guidance on every aspect, such as shop layout, cashier training, arrangement and supervision of renovation works. We were also given consultation on merchandise display and category management.

The familiarity and positive image of the iEcon brand means that I do not need to spend efforts to promote my store to customers. I deeply appreciate the help and service rendered to me by the franchisor through regular visits and follow-ups, which have helped to overcome initial issues in the early stages."

Mr. Cheang, iEcon Loc Hua, Joined in 2008

Our Suppliers

Through iEcon’s extensive network of outlets, our suppliers achieve optimum order quantity. Cost and time efficiency is an additional positive point to note. iEcon consolidates stock check and purchase orders from all outlets island-wide. We then deliver the products to all our outlets efficiently.

The cooperative advertisements published in national newspapers boost customers’ attention to the brands distributed by our suppliers. This cost effective way of promotion inevitably attracts customers to buy the advertised products at iEcon outlets.